Over 30 years specialised experience, in the motor and taxi trade,

CCTV systems to protect everyone, simplify investigations and providing evidence of allegations and attacks.

Having unrivaled legislation experience enables us to assist and satisfy all the relevant regulatory bodies.

Shortly after approval by Rotherham, Manchester and Newport, we are now approved by over 50 Local authorities nationwide

With a national team of installers providing the protection and support from Aberdeen to Southampton and everywhere in between.

So what makes us stand out from the rest?

We are NOT a dashcam or domestic cctv company trying to expand

The only in car CCTV system designed for the taxi industry which is why we are the nations leaders in this field.

Features like switching devices back on or tracking when switched off, cannot legally be used, since that would breach ICO regulations that there must be "right to a private life" which means not just placed in standby mode, but turned off.

Our focus is honesty, reliability, safety, clarity, and above all protection.