Who is Safe Systems CCTV Ltd?


We are a Rossendale based installations company to supply and install, or even install your own aftermarket products into your vehicle including 

  • Dashcams
  • Trackers
  • Rear View Cameras
  • Reversing Sensors
  • Satnavs
  • Stereo Upgrades
  • Bluetooth Kits
  • Catalytic convertor protection guards

We also provide a light vehicle maintenance and repair service including 

  • Brakes
  • Wheel alignment (tracking)
  • Service
  • Suspension
  • With a fully qualified electric vehicle technician

Our taxi and private hire vehicle system is approved by more local authorities than any other in-vehicle CCTV provider to the Taxi and PHV industry, with a proven track record for reliability, this includes TfL, Portsmouth Rotherham, Manchester, Southampton, Aberdeen, Glasgow and most places in between.

We have tried and tested SD card systems and found them to be far too unreliable within a matter of months, with very limited recording cycle capabilities when compared to a Hard drive system which goes on and on and provides on average 30 days recording cycle even with 4 cameras in operation 24/7.

As with all other in car CCTV systems, (in fact most domestic CCTV systems too) the motherboard is run on the LINUX platform as it is far more reliable than a windows based chipset in such settings.

All systems have an LED indicator panel to show power status and maybe other settings, our system includes (where allowed) a visible monitor which goes that step further by actually showing the images as a live view to verify the camera lenses are fully functional.

Our cameras are far smaller than those of most of our competitors, with a 170 degree wide angle lens in order to make them far more discreet and fit for purpose within a confined space such as a saloon car.

We are actively involved with many licensing authorities including support and guidance at a consultee level assisting them in developing accurate and future proof criteria.‬

Safeguarding passengers and drivers alike.

Over 20 years practical experience within the licensed trade.

Provides evidence of any incident whilst working.

Approved by some insurance companies to gain insurance discounts.

If that isnt enough...

WE CAN NOW OFFER 0% FINANCE for 3 to 6 months 


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Our Services

  • GPS
  • Consultation and advisory service to most local authorities across the UK to assist in the development of relevant criteria
  • Bespoke CCTV systems for licensed vehicles
  • comes with one internal and one forward facing camera with an option to add two more if required,
  • Switchable sound with sound pick up included to satisfy ICO regulations
  • mirror mounted or screen mount monitor
  • Fully encrypted, 1TB hard drive to allow for at least one month cycle recording
  • All custom installed to suit your own personal needs and to meet local conditions

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