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Protect yourself, your license, your insurance premiums and your freedom. This system will provide evidence in the event of any incident by covering inside and outside your vehicle at all times while you are working.

No more guesswork, no more risk to licenses and freedom from false allegations. We supply and fit a tailor made in taxi CCTV system.

We will also work with your local council to ensure that any modifications or additional components are made to satisfy local specifications.

We also supply and fit hydrogen conversion kits, dashcams (for private vehicles) and rear view cameras


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Our Services

  • Bespoke CCTV systems for licensed vehicles
  • This unique CCTV system records for a minimum of one month cycle which can be extended if required simply by upgrading the hard drive
  • The device comes with two cameras one for internal and one forward facing, with an option to add two more if required,
  • GPS
  • Switchable sound with sound pick up included
  • A choice of mirror mounted or screen mount monitor
  • A secure 1TB hard drive to allow for at least one month cycle recording
  • Shock sensor and speed sensor
  • All custom installed to suit your own personal needs and to meet local conditions

Currently Approved By

Aberdeen, Amber Valley, Bristol, Bury, Caerphilly, Cambridge, Cardiff, Craven, Gateshead, Maidenhead, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Mythyr Tydville, Newport, Portsmouth, Rossendale, Rochdale, Rotherham, Southampton, Sheffield, Warrington, York and many more.

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